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Looma is the easiest way to connect and automate all your financial tools and apps you use everyday.

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Sync Your Accounts

Easily connect all your bank accounts and cards, so Looma can track where your money goes.

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Connect your apps

We are building integrations for the most popular personal finance apps, so you can connect all your apps and automate your money flow.

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Create “If I Spend On This, Then Send Percentage There” workflows - called Rules to tell Looma how to invest, save and donate every time you spend.

Try a Rule

See what happens when you tell Looma what to do with your money. Try our easy to use calculator and see how you can save, invest and donate all at once.

If I spend on
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Coffee shops
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Eating out
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Shopping & Clothing
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Oil & Gas
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Taxi & Transportation
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Bills & Utilities
Then move
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Experience a rewarding personal finance journey
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Keeping things smart, simple and stress-free
Secure your financial betterment with Looma through simple rules and enjoy a stress-free wealth building experience.
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Keeping Track of Your Financial Health
No one else knows better than Looma where you stand financially so that you can make informed financial decisions for a happy future
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Experience Financial Independence
Feel more confident about your financial health today. Go enjoy life without worrying about tomorrow.
money automation app
At Looma we take security very seriously. Data privacy is one of the core values Looma was built on. We use state-of-the-art security techniques to make sure no unauthorized parties can access our users' data. On transit data is protected using 256-bit TLS encryption while at rest any sensitive data is stored only in an encrypted form using 256-bit AES encryption. In addition, proper monitoring is in place to detect and block any possible fraudulent activities.
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