33 Ways to Save Money

save money

It’s not important WHY you want to save money. The most important part here is that you are determined to save some. As soon as you are ready to cut costs, you can look at these 33 ways to save money. They are simple, yet VERY effective. Let’s go.

  1. Rethink the way you rent a house. By this, I advise keeping your mortgage and rent lower than you can actually afford.
  2. Find a roommate. If you are single, then go get a roommate! Sharing all those utilities and costs can be quite helpful.
  3. Live with your family. If your family is still happy to host you, then use the opportunity of staying with them. But make sure you save enough to move to your own place one day.
  4. Walk or bike. Walking or biking to school or workplace can be fun. Additionally, it can help cut your transportation costs.
  5. Use public transportation. If there are good subways in your area, then use them. Buses can also be cheaper and faster than taking a taxi or driving a car.
  6. Opt for carpooling. Carpooling is not only a good way to save money but also one for finding new friends.
  7. Shop for better car insurance rates. Yes, shopping around can help find the best deal ever. But remember not to compromise the coverage for too low a rate.
  8. Go green, buy a hybrid car. If you cannot live without a car, then a hybrid can save a whole lot of money.
  9. Drive wisely. Leaving excess weight in the trunk can make your car waste 2% more gas than usual. So, make sure there is nothing unnecessary left there. Also, letting your car idle can burn too much gas. Speeding or quick braking also can waste gas.
  10. Shop around for the best cell phone package. Compare different options before getting one.
  11. Use mobile apps to call people. If you have access to wi-fi most of the time, then use Zangi, Skype, Whatsapp for calling or texting.
  12. Unplug unnecessary devices. Most of the devices consume energy when plugged in even if you are not using them. So, it’s a great idea to unplug modems, smartphones, laptops, toasters, radios and similar other devices.
  13. Use water wisely. According to energy.gov, if you bring down water heater temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you will save on heating costs.
  14. Change the faucets and showerheads. The low-flow variants of them can save you a lot of money.
  15. Wash clothes in cold water. Unless they have oily stains on them, you can wash clothes in cold water. This will save you a lot of energy.
  16. Share the nanny. Hell yes, you can share your nanny with another family to cut the costs.
  17. Buy things in bulk. Buy in bulk all the items you use really frequently. But before you buy the goods, make sure, you can consume them all (especially if it is about grocery).
  18. Use the chance of buying things that are on sale. If the products that you buy on a regular basis are on sale, purchase several at once to save money.
  19. Do not buy prepared food. Skip buying prepared food, for it is cheaper to buy the products and cook the meal yourself.
  20. Purchase things according to a list. Make a list and stick to it. Also, do not shop when hungry as you might end up buying too much food.
  21. Use cash back services. There are online platforms that offer different coupons and cash back services. Use them!
  22. Skip the gym, exercise on the street. Gym memberships are boring and expensive. What about running, walking, playing tennis on the street? Even doing exercises at home watching YouTube videos can be fun and cost-effective.
  23. Unsubscribe from email deals. Email deals and discount offers are sometimes too appealing. So, make sure you unsubscribe from most of them so that you are not tempted to buy things all the time.
  24. Do you really need to eat out? Of course not! You can cook as much as you can instead. This way you will definitely save a lot.
  25. Download free apps. Use free apps instead of the paid ones. Only upgrade to paid or Pro versions when you really like and use the app.
  26. Skip trendy items. If you buy something just because it is trendy, then most likely, you are not going to use it.
  27. Sell things on eBay. Sell unused cosmetics, books, clothes, and other products on eBay.
  28. Borrow travel equipment from friends. If you are planning to take an adventure trip, you can borrow the equipment from your friends.
  29. Repair your house on your own. Instead of hiring contractors and house workers, try repairing your home yourself.
  30. Use cloth napkins. When preparing food at home, use cloth napkins instead of paper towels.
  31. Do it yourself. Instead of visiting costly beauty studios, do your hair and manicure on your own.
  32. Do a pros and cons  analysis when buying anything! People usually do such analyses when buying a house or a car. Try this method when buying smaller items too. For example, consider the pros and cons of buying certain shoes, clothes, etc.
  33. Cut off the paid channels. There really are some paid TV channels that you either watch rarely or do not watch at all. Cancel some of them and see how much you save as a result.

At the end

With these 33 ways to save money you are not depriving yourself, you are just trimming some of your expenses. This mindset is all about setting priorities in life and spending in a way that reflects your priorities. As a result, you will be able to pay a loan, a debt, or to just save money for tough times.


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