Looma Savings Chronicles – Part 2

April was an important month as we launched the private beta version and now we want to summarize the month and again share some interesting stuff with you. A few days ago we posted LOOMA SAVINGS CHRONICLES – PART 1 to share with you some figures on how our app helped our users to save.  Again, numbers might seem pretty small but bare in mind that Looma is not a social app with thousands of users. We are a FinTech, not a photo-editing app.

Here are some interesting details for you:

  • Surprisingly, since April 6th $550 has been saved by our 8 users
  • Only last week (April 24-30) $226 was saved
  • On average each user saved $68.8 in April
  • More than 120 saving transactions were made in April, with $4.6 average transaction amount

The amount of savings, in general, had a constant growth (see the chart below). 85% more was saved by Looma heroes during Week 4 compared to Week 3.

weekly savings

And in the chart below you can see the saving behavior by saving rules for the whole April. The saving rules Eating out and Oil & Gas dominated in April.

saving categories


Considering that the average daily saving per person was around $10, it means Looma can help you save around $300 per month in the future. Imagine at the end of each month you discover extra $300 which was not spent by impulse. As a result, Looma helps avoid non-rational purchasing decisions.

You are welcome to join our journey and try out Looma. Feel free to subscribe to our waiting list on getlooma.com and our people will drop a line within 24 hours.

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