Saving Money on Romance: 7 Inexpensive Valentine Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion indeed, but sometimes the lack of financial resources can cause stress and anxiety and can make this event something really dreadful. Overall, any holiday and special occasion can be a real disaster for those on a tight budget. So what to do? Maybe run away somewhere for a day or two? Or break up with your partner right before the holiday and then reunite again? These are not the best options, of course. That’s why in this article I am going to share a few inexpensive Valentine gift ideas with you.

1. Valentine’s Day keychain

One of those cute Valentine’s Day gifts is the personalized keychain to your heart …or your house. You can customize it with your own message or photo.

2. Inexpensive novels

There are plenty of romantic novels under $20 you can buy at any corner. Some such books are:

  • “The Girls of Mischief Bay” by Susan Mallery
  • “The Immortal Who Loved Me: An Argeneau Novel” by Lyndsay Sands
  • “Beyond the Sunrise” by Mary Balogh
  • “Romantic Comedy of Manners Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand” by Helen Simonson

3. A custom T-shirt

This one is another gift idea that won’t cost you more than $25. A custom T-shirt will be both useful and fun. Make sure you personalize it with a cute message such as “Bae since 2015.”

4. One-time dance class

A lot of dance studios offer free one-time classes. They usually last for 1-2 hours. So, this is enough to learn something new and enjoy the time spent together.

5. DIY gift basket

These are usually sold at any gift store. But it will be more cost-effective to create one yourself. Just buy a nice coffee mug either Valentine’s Day themed or one with a personalized message for your beloved. Then fill it with colorful candies or chocolate. Wrap the mug with colored cellophane. Here you go! Your bae will appreciate your efforts especially if you aren’t that crafty usually.

6. Sexy lingerie & chocolate

Lingerie does not have to be from Victoria’s Secret store to be appealing and sexy. You can find cheaper options in other stores too. So, buy your partner lingerie, wrap it in a red paper and put some chocolate inside. A romantic date night is guaranteed!

7. Valentine’s Day dinner

Booking a table in a restaurant on the Valentine’s Day can be really costly. Why spend money on those ridiculously expensive things? Instead, prepare a dinner at home. Pasta and wine can be quite a good deal. If you have better culinary skills, you can try something more complex. Also, you can cook together to make the process more fun. At the end, turn on music and just hang out.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”

Jim Rohn (entrepreneur)

In the end, romance should never be dependent on the gifts you make for each other. If you have got a common goal of saving money, then discipline is the only way. Know what you spend your hard-earned cash on. Do not bother about those costly dinner tables or expensive jewelry. Live the day and love wholeheartedly. Happy Valentine’s Day!









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