What to Include in a Black Friday Shopping List

Black Friday

Black Friday – the outstanding day after Thanksgiving – is the day when nearly every retailer offers huge sales. But not all discounted products are worth buying. Use this guide to see what you should include in your Black Friday shopping list.

Old models of Apple products

Usually, major retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy offer huge discounts or at least gift cards for Apple products. These deals might include older models of MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches etc. For example, last year Target offered a 20% discount on all iPods. Not a bad deal, right?

TVs, smartphones, tablets, cameras

Electronics tend to be the best deal for a Black Friday. So, you can opt for TVs, tablets, smartphones, and cameras. For example, last year Verizon offered $100 off retail price for certain Android smartphones on Black Friday. This year, you can expect at least 25% discount and a lot of gift cards for electronics deals in Amazon, Target, and other big retailers. For example, Amazon offers 50% or more off select lens accessories.

Travel offers

You can find really cool travel deals during Black Friday. These could be hotel rooms, airplane tickets etc. You can find some really good deals on online travel websites. For example, you can find some in Expedia.

Gaming system bundles

Black Friday can be one of the best days for gamers too. Not only shoppers can benefit from the deals but also those who adore gaming. This year, GameStop, Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy offer a lot of gaming system bundles that might interest you.

Home appliances

Black Friday is a great day to buy home appliances as well. For example, you can make really big savings on washers, kitchen appliances, refrigerators, dryers etc. Amazon offers 50% and more discounts on home appliances.

At the end

Remember that Black Friday deals start on Thanksgiving for those who buy from the stores. And it starts a bit earlier for those who prefer to shop online. This means you can already start searching for special deals for the necessary products online.


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