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Why Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

Millennials are attributing less and less importance to homes, cars, TVs, and watches. Instead, they are showing more interest towards personal experiences. One reason why millennials spend money on experiences more than on things is that they view ownership differently. For example, young adults of the previous generation were placing more value in a car […]


Why is Saving Money Always Such a Big Deal?

Even the wealthiest people sometimes are having a tough time saving money. Setting some money aside is really a big deal. For example, according to the 2014 Federal Reserve System’s report, approximately half of Americans did not manage to cover a $400 emergency expense. They had to either borrow money from somewhere or sell something. In […]

What to Include in a Black Friday Shopping List

Black Friday – the outstanding day after Thanksgiving – is the day when nearly every retailer offers huge sales. But not all discounted products are worth buying. Use this guide to see what you should include in your Black Friday shopping list. Old models of Apple products Usually, major retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, and Best […]

4 Easy Tips for Retirement Planning from Looma

Financial security is something everyone wants especially after they retire. But we need to think about retirement planning first. This will help us live happier days when we are no longer employed by someone or involved in a business. Studies show that an average American lives about 20 years of their life in retirement. Accordingly, […]

How to Achieve Financial Independence as a Woman? 

Do you want me to tell you what the studies show regarding financial independence among women? Well, the numbers leave much to be desired. While the politicians of today say they are fighting for women to get equal pay with men, women still get less. Also, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development […]